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Chlorella & Spirulina - 2 Superfoods in 1

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    • 2 superfoods in one dynamic tablet
    • Features 9 essential amino acids + chlorophyll, Vitamin B complex and many more!
    • Supports gut health, immunity, anti-aging and whole body wellness
    • Micronized for optimal absorption – add to any food or drink for a healthy boost!
    Chlorella & Spirulina
    Chlorella & Spirulina
    Highly Alkalizing and Packed with Protien
    Chlorella & Spirulina 2 in 1 Superfood

    Fuel Your Life with Mega-Pack Chlorella Spirulina – Where Nature Meets Nutrition

    • Organic Superfood For Optimal Health - Our Chlorella Spirulina powder is potent natural superfood that nourishes your cells to help boost energy levels, support a strong immune system, greater liver support, help digestion, enhance muscle strength, increase endurance and help post-training time, ensuring peak fitness performance. Sunlit Best Green Organics' Chlorella Spirulina powder is an integral part of natural beauty regime & overall healthy, energetic lifestyle!
    • Combined Two Of The Most Nutritient-Dense Superfoods On Earth: This powder is made of 50 % Chlorella & 50% Spirulina. It is a complete superfoods with a natural balance of vegan protein, fat and carbohydrates. Nutritionally dense and provide you with a broad array of nutrients. Elevate your everyday health with this essential green juice powder, your go-to for a daily dose of wellness!

    • Nutritional Powerhouse - Sunlit Best Green Organics' Chlorella Spirulina powder is a complete vegan protein powder, including chlorophyll, 9 essential amino acids, flavonoids, loaded with fiber, rich-in antioxidants, lutein, vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Biotin, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus). Just one scoop a day will keep you feeling great!
    • Versatile Use & Enhanced Absorption: Our raw, pure and organic Chlorella and Spirulina (Platensis) poweder are micronized for faster and optimal nutrient absorption. It is low-temperature treated to preserve its rich, nutrient-dense profile. Our powder is zero impurities and maximum potency. Add a scoop to your favorite smoothies, shakes, oats, breakfast bowls, baked goods or desserts.

    • What makes our product stand out? - It's 100% pure and clean, sourced from the finest organic ingredients and free from any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We believe in delivering nature's best to your doorstep. Our Chlorella Spirulina Mega-Pack is also equipped with a cracked cell wall, ensuring that your body can easily absorb and benefit from these superfoods.
    • Premium, Natural & Best Quality - Our super greens Spirulina powder is a 100% sun-grown micro-algae health food sourced from Taiwan's Premier Micro-algae Manufacturer known worldwide for purity and quality production.