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At Sunlit, we want to make it easy & convenient for you and your family to consume the most powerful superfoods on the planet. Spirulina which helps energize your day with 40 micronutrients and is used by top athletes before practice and competition can improve physical performance, sharpen your memory/focus, improve obesity biomarkers and reduce heavy metals.  All while providing 3X the protein of steak on a mg basis.  Chlorella which is a plant based whole food that strengthens your immune system, improves recovery, lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, helps improve aerobic endurance and can help replace your daily greens.  WOW, simply amazing! Yet with our family and friends taking this product we went a step further to source the purest source in Taiwan, known for its extremely strict quality controls. To ensure the highest nutrient and enzyme density, the algae cell walls are never treated with heat during the manufacturing process. We use state-of-the-art minimally damaging sound waves to break the cell walls. Our products are naturally grown, NON-GMO; No fillers or binders USDA organic certified, Kosher certified and raw. Sunlit tablets are the ultimate superfood.

Co-Founder: John Riedl

When John started researching many of his family’s health issues (high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, cancer, eczema, autoimmune etc.), it led him to discover the Japanese daily health secret, seaweed and algae.  As John researched and consulted with experts in the field he discovered spirulina which is a bacteria and chlorella which is an algae. In Asian cultures they have been cultivated and researched for over 70 years with thousands of published research studies.  Knowing he and his family would be consuming this, he was unhappy with most spirulina and chlorella on the market and set out to find the purest healthiest most potent source.  Sixteen months later and twenty-five thousand air miles later he co-founded Sunlit Best Green Organics.  

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