Sunlit Spirulina Chlorella Super 50-50 - 1,000 Tablets

Spirulina Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Super 50-50 Super-Pack 1,000 Tablets

How to feel like Superman or Superwoman (no cape required)

Everyone wants to be "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound," and like Superman, get to the absolute peak of human perfection. Hidden inside this mild-mannered bag are the most potent sources on earth for protein, chlorophyll and nucleic acids (RNS/DNA).

Super 50-50 Spirulina Chlorella delivers superhuman benefits to your body from head to toe. Highlights of benefits thousands of users enjoy:

  • Helps keep your mind sharp and alert.
  • Helps support better vision.
  • Helps ease digestion.

And Helps keep all your joint moving smoothly. (great for when you need to leap tall buildings in a single bound :-)

Chlorella and Spirullina are two of the best overall nutritional superfoods a person can take. Together these two algae work on the two key elements that control our health.

They both provide you with a tremendous amount of nourishment; and Chlorella.

We are talking healthy fats, a complete set of amino acids, a super supply of fiber, plus 20 vitamins and minerals that give your body the nutrition it craves to feel superhuman.

Not only does Super 50-50 Spirulina Chlorella give your body what it needs to fly, but it takes away what's dragging you down.

Bring out your inner Superman... ADD TO CART NOW!